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“A Call To Arms” #2 – Pages 19-20


THE BLACK COAT is America's first superspy! Set in New York City in the days before the Revolutionary War, The Black Coat fights against the British and forces of the occult to protect the burgeoning nation. It's action packed fun that Chuck Dixon calls " kind of comics!"

The Black Coat was originally published by Ape Entertainment in 2006. Over the next 8 years, several series, one-shots, and graphic novels were printed and met with critical success. In the summer of 2020, we'll begin an exciting journey and publish the entire collection online in webcomic format, 4 pages every week. So whether you're new to the series or a long-time Black Coat fan, stop back every MONDAY and THURSDAY for new page uploads and enjoy the complete adventures of The Black Coat!

The Forums are back!

Well… sort of. The forums didn’t exactly make the move to the new server unscathed. Unfortunately, most of the threads were lost. The good news though is that all of the user data survived! Sorry for the delay, but I got a real crash course in MYSQL database management over the last week and a half. I am now available for hire should anyone need theirs fixed as well  …for tons and TONS of cash! (sigh…) Head over to the new forums ( and check out the new space! Thanks to everyone for their patience but I think we’re finally getting back up to speed around here.

And there was much moaning and gnashing of teeth…

 For those of you waiting to get back on the Black Coat forums, my sincere apologies. I’m working to get them back up and running as soon as possible. The bad news is that, in the server switch, a great deal of the old forums have been lost. It’s partly my fault but could be remedied if not for an unresponsive web hosting service that shall remain nameless. Anyway, it looks like the posting process will be starting over from scratch – sorry about that. I’m working right now to rescue the user names. Hopefully that will go a little more smoothly and be done in the next day or two. Either way, we’ll forge ahead. I’ll keep everyone posted – thanks for your patience! -ben  

Colonial sub replica causes scare in New York Harbor

This bit of news was brought to our attention by our good friend, Brian Matus. Thanks, Brian! From USAToday: A replica of a Revolutionary War submarine spooked New York City police and the U.S. Coast Guard today when the egg-shaped vessel was seen bobbing near the Queen Mary 2 luxury liner docked off Brooklyn. But the handmade wood-and-fiberglass submersible — a replica of David Bushnell’s one-man American Turtle, the first submarine used in combat — was the work of artists, not terrorists. “It was a strange sight,” Coast Guard Petty Officer Angelia Rorison told the New York Post.  Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly described it as “the creative craft of three adventuresome individuals. It does not pose any terrorist threat. … We can best summarize today’s incident as marine mischief.” Artist Philip “Duke” Riley, 35, and two Rhode Island men were detained and questioned. One Rhode Island man said he was descendant of Bushnell. To read more, go to:

Comic-Con wrapup!

Ape’s booth at SDCC ‘07Well, it’s come and gone. Five days of hectic, crazy, costume-wearing, book-signing, cell-phone-losing (yes, I lost my cell phone…) comic book goodness are now behind us. It was really a great show (except for the cell phone) and I’d like to thank everyone that stopped by the booth, checked us out, and said ‘hello.’ It was nice to meet up with some old friends, make some new ones and introduce people to The Black Coat. If you’re one of those people that saw us for the first time and decided to pick up a book or pay us a visit, then Welcome! Run around the site and look us over. We’d love to hear what you think.  The forums will be back up shortly, so please be patient. We’re almost there. 🙂

SDCC07 – Black Coat signing schedule

The Ape Booth (2105) is going to be rocking this year. LOTS of creators will be in and out of there so there will be plenty going on. Ben will be at the booth signing books and doing sketches but only for a limited time. You might catch him around the booth during the day, but to be sure everyone gets a chance to have their BC books signed, here’s Ben’s signing schedule for the weekend:

Thursday: 12PM – 2PM  4PM – 5PM

Friday: 11AM – 1:30PM 5PM – 6PM

Saturday: 10AM – 11AM 4PM – 5PM 6PM – 7PM

Sunday: 11AM – 1PM 4PM – 5PM Stop by and say “Hello!” We’re looking forward to meeting and talking with everyone! It should be a great show!